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Krsnik, Goran
Precision Forestry (PrecFOR)- Noves eines per a la presa de decisions forestals.
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I am a geographer holding a Master's degree  in Geographical Information Technologies working in the research of complexity of geographic processes and models, multiobjective spatial management and digital spatial analyses using GIS and remote sensing techinques, with the aim to underline the importance of the connection of social, mostly urban, and natural environments. I am specially interested in the geographical approach to urban heat island management studies and urban forestry.

My BSc degree studies were realized at the University of Zagreb based on research in tourism and cultural geography, with a short stay at the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan, Poland.

After that, I obtained my MSc degree at the University of Zaragoza under the supervision of dr. Juan de la Riva Fernández with the specialization in urban heat island management using remote sensing techniques.