Personnel / Dynamique du paysage et biodiversité
Selkimäki Mari

I studied MSc at the Department of Geography at the University of Joensuu (2008), with specializations in GIS and Biology. After my studies, I worked as a researcher at the Finnish Forest Research Institute (METLA/LUKE), where I studied erosion in National Parks within the Sustainable Tourism Programme and later in European projects related to bioenergy. I graduated DSc (Agr & For) in the field of forest management and planning at the University of Eastern Finland (2020), and my research focused on soil erosion risk assessment and forest management, including modelling and simulation of forest production and multiple forest ecosystem services such as biodiversity and recreation for multi-objective forest management. Currently, I work at the School of Forest Sciences of the University of Eastern Finland. My latest research work focuses on landscape-level spatial modelling of land use for forest management, biodiversity conservation, carbon sequestration and green energy production.


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