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Castaño Soler, Carles
Mycological group
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Castaño, C, Oliva,J, Martínez de Aragón,J, Alday, J G, Parladé,J, Pera, J, Bonet, JA. (2017) Mushroom Emergence Detected by Combining Spore Trapping with Molecular Techniques. Applied and Environmental Microbiology. DOI: 10.1128/AEM.00600-17

Yurkewich JI, Castaño C, Colinas C. (2017) Chestnut Red Stain: Identification of the fungi associated with the costly discolouration of Castanea sativa. Forest Pathology. DOI: 10.1111/efp.12335

Bing,L, Fischer,C R, Bonet, JA, Castaño,C, Colinas, C (2016) Shifts in soil fungal communities in Tuber melanosporum plantations over a 20-year transition from agriculture fields to oak woodlands. Forest Systems. DOI: 10.5424/fs/2016251-08353

Castaño, C, Parladé, J, Pera,J, Martínez de Aragón,J, Alday, JG, Bonet, JA  (2016), Soil drying procedure affects the DNA quantification of Lactarius vinosus but does not change the fungal community composition. Mycorrhiza. DOI: 10.1007/s00572-016-0714-3