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Forest management based on knowledge and tool development ensures the ecological, social and economic assets of forest ecosystems, and guarantees the sustainable provision of goods and services.

Water is an essential resource for both natural systems and humans. Climate change, land use changes, and the vegetation cover will affect water availability.

Forest management is key to guaranteeing the availability of clean water. Thus, the forest and hydrological planning of watershed basins must be coordinated. We support administrations in the generation of innovative planning tools to improve decision-making in natural systems management and considering multiple ecosystem services.

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Modeling plant water use and drought resistance strategies across scales

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LIFE-IPC eCOadapt50
LIFE-IPC eCOadapt50 /

Co-creation of strategic action for climate change adaptation of territories and local economies

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Holistic management practices, modelling and monitoring for European forest soils

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Estratègies innovadores de gestió per a l'adaptació dels boscos mixtes subhumits mediterranis al canvi climàtic

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