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A harmonized database of European forest simulations under climate change Data in Brief 2024 Grünig, M., Rammer, W., Albrich, K., Andréc, F., Augustynczik, A.L.D., Bohn, F., Bouwman, M., Bugmann, H., Collalti, A., Cristal, I., (...), Garcia-Gonzalo, J., González, J.R. et al.
A scenario-guided strategy for the future management of biological invasions Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution 2024 Roura-Pascual, N., Wolf-Christian, S., Pérez-Granados, C.,..., et al. Brotons, Ll.
Analysis of climate change impacts on the biogeographical patterns of species-specific productivity of socioeconomically important edible fungi in Mediterranean forest ecosystems Ecological Informatics 2024 Morera, A., LeBlanc, H., Martínez de Aragón, J., Bonet, J.A., De-Miguel, S.
Artificial tunnels of hydroelectric power plants as valuable habitat for European bats European Journal of Wildlife Research 2024 Guixé, D., Sazatornil, V., Feldman, M.J., Torrent, L., Roca, E., Camprodon, J.
Assessing habitat selection of the vulnerable Asian small-clawed otters in an anthropized riparian forest of eastern Bangladesh Mammal Research 2024 Akash, M., Feldman, M.J., Ghose, A., Zakir, T.
Assessing urban forest biodiversity through automatic taxonomic identification of street trees from citizen science applications and remote-sensing imagery International Journal of Applied Earth Observation and Geoinformation 2024 Velasquez-Camacho, L., Merontaustab, E., Etxegaraia, M., De-Miguel, S.
Biodiversity monitoring in Europe: User and policy needs Conservation Letters 2024 Moersberger, H., Valdez, J., Martin, J.G.C., Junker, J., Georgieva, I., Bauer, S., Beja, P., Breeze, T.D., Fernandez, M., Fernández, N., Brotons, Ll., et al.
Biogeographic context mediates multifaceted diversity-productivity relationships in island and mainland forests Journal of Ecology 2024 Tolmos, M.L., Guerrero-Ramirez, N.R., Ameztegui, A., Barajas Barbosa, M.P., Craven, D., Kreft, H.
Can natural forest expansion contribute to Europe’s restoration policy agenda? An interdisciplinary assessment Ambio 2024 Frei, T., Espelta, J.M., Górriz-Mifsud, E., Hampe, A., Lefèvre, F., Martín-Forés, I., Winkel, G.
Climate acts as an environmental filter to plant pathogens ISME Journal 2024 Caballol, M., Redondo, M.A., Catalán, N., Corcobado, T., Jung, T., Marçais, B., Milenković, I., Nemesio-Gorriz, M., Stenlid, J., Oliva, J.
Climate, host ontogeny and pathogen structural specificity determine forest disease distribution at a regional scale Ecography 2024 Caballol, M., Serradó, F., Barnes, I., Camarero, J., Valeriano, C., Colangelo, M., Oliva, J.
Combining two user-friendly machine learning tools increases species detection from acoustic recordings Canadian Journal of Zoology 2024 Pérez-Granados, C., Feldman, M.J., Mazerolle, M.J.
Competitive effect, but not competitive response, varies along a climatic gradient depending on tree species identity Forest Ecosystems 2024 Valor, T., Coll, Ll., Forrester, D.I., Pretzsche, H., Del Río, M., Bielakh, K., Brzezieckih, B., Binderi, F., Hilmerse, T., Sitkovaj, Z., Tognettik, R., Ameztegui, A.
Constrained trait variation by water availability modulates radial growth in evergreen and deciduous Mediterranean oaks Agricultural and Forest Meteorology 2024 González de Andrés, E., Serra-Maluquer, X., Gazol, A., Olano, J.M., García-Plazaola, J.I., Fernández-Marín, B., Imbert, J.B., Coll, Ll., Ameztegui, A., Espelta, J.M., Alla, A.Q., Camarero, J.
Constraints on Organic Matter Stability in Pyrenean Subalpine Grassland Soils: Physical Protection, Biochemical Quality, and the Role of Free Iron Forms Environments 2024 Rovira, P., Sauras-Yera, T., Poch, R.M.
Contrasting fungal functional groups influence nutrient cycling across four Japanese cool-temperate forest soils Applied Soil Ecology 2024 Seidel, F., Castaño, C., Alday, J.G., Lopez C., M. L., Bonet, J.A.
Detecting management gaps for biodiversity conservation: An integrated assessment Journal of Environmental Management 2024 Lanzas, M., Pou, N., Bota, G., Pla, M., Villero, D., Brotons, Ll., Sainz de la Maza, P., Bach, J., Pont, S., Anton, M., Herrando, S., Hermoso, V.
Developing kNN forest data imputation for Catalonia Journal of Forestry Research 2024 Pukkala, T., Aquilué, N., Just, A., Corbera, J., Trasobares, A.
Dietary DNA metabarcoding reveals a trophic niche partitioning among sympatric Iberian sandgrouses and bustards Science of the Total Environment 2024 Cabodevilla, X., Ortiz-Santaliestra, M.E., Fernández-Tizón, M., Zurdo, J., Madeira, M.J., Giralt, D., Sardà-Palomera, F., Fernández-Benéitez, M.J., Mougeot, F.
Distance functions of carabids in cropfields depend on functional traits, croptype and adjacent habitat: a synthesis Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences 2024 Boetz, F. A., Sponsler, D., Albrecht, M., .., Bota, G., Brotons, Ll., Giralt, D., et al.
Dynamic shifts of functional diversity through climate-resilient strategies and farmland restoration in a mountain protected area Journal of Environmental Management 2024 Campos, J. C., Alírio, J., Arenas-Castro, S., Duarte, L., Garcia, N., Regos, A., Pôças, I., Teodoro, A.C. Sillero, N.
Evaluating the influence of neighborhood connectivity and habitat effects in dynamic occupancy species distribution models Ecography 2024 Solà, O., Aquilué, N., Fraixedas, S., Brotons, Ll.
Evaluation and comparison of simple empirical models for dead fuel moisture content International Journal of Wildland Fire 2024 Sharples, J.J., Reddy, P.J., Resco de Dios, V., Nolan, R.H., Boer, M.M., Bradstock, R.A.
Evaluation of 2D hydrodynamic-based rainfall/runoff modelling for soil erosion assessment at a seasonal scale Journal of Hydrology 2024 Costabile, P., Cea, l., Barbaro, G., Costanzo, C., Llena, M., Vericat, D.
Fire impacts on the biology of stream ecosystems: A synthesis of current knowledge to guide future research and integrated fire management Global Change Biology 2024 Erdozain, M., Cardil, A., De-Miguel, S.
Fire suppression and land-use strategies drive future dynamics of an invasive plant in a fire-prone mountain area under climate change Journal of Environmental Management 2024 Lima, C.G., Camposa, J.C., Regos, A., Honrado, J.P., Fernandes, P.M., Freitas, T.R., Santos, J.A., Vicente, J.R.
Forest and soil fungal community dynamics are fuelled by rootrot pathogen-induced gaps Journal of Ecology 2024 González de Andrés, E., Gazol, A., Camarero, J.J., Bonet, J.A., Caballol, M., Ceausu, A., Oliva, J.
Forest types outpaced tree species in centroid-based range shifts under global change Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution 2024 Abbasi, A.O., Woodall, C.W., Gamarra, J.G.P., Hui, C., Picard, N., Ochuodho, T., De-Miguel, S., Sahay, R., Fei, S., Paquette, A., Chen, H.Y.H., Catlin, A.C., Liang, J.
Foundation models in shaping the future of ecology Ecological Informatics 2024 Morera, A.
Globe-LFMC 2.0, an enhanced and updated dataset for live fuel moisture content research Scientific Data 2024 Yebra, M., Scortechini, G., Adeline, K., ..., Delgado, R., et al.
Grassland vegetation height affects bird responses to forest edges in Mediterranean open farmland Global Ecology and Conservation 2024 Faria, J., Reino, L., Beja, P., Gonçalves, D., Sánchez-Oliver, J.S., Moreira, F., Catry, I., Rotenberry, J.T., Morgado, R., Brotons, Ll., Dullinger, S., Schindler, S., Santana, J.
Habitat is more important than climate for structuring soil fungal communities associated in truffle sites Fungal Biology 2024 Piñuela, Y., Alday, J.G., Oliach, D., Castaño, C., Büntgen, U., Egli, S., Martínez Peña, F., Dashevskaya, S., Colinas, C., Peter, M., Bonet, J.A.
Habitat management carried out by hunters in the European turtle dove western flyway: Opportunities and pitfalls for linking with sustainable hunting Journal for Nature Conservation 2024 Sánchez-García, C., Powolny, T., Lormée, H., Dias, S., Sardà-Palomera, F., Bota, G., Arroyo, B.
How to enhance Atlantic Forest protection? Dealing with the shortcomings of successional stages classification Perspectives in Ecology and Conservation 2024 Resende, A.F., Rosafa Gavioli, F., Chaves, R.B., Metzger, J.P., Guedes Pinto, L.F., Piffer, P.R., Krainovic, et al.
Impact of species composition on fire-induced stand damage in Spanish forests Scientific Reports 2024 Peris-Llopis, M., Mola-Yudego, B., Berninger, F., Garcia-Gonzalo, J., González-Olabarria, J.R.
In temperate Europe, fire is already here: The case of The Netherlands Ambio 2024 Stoof, C.R., Kok, E., Cardil Forradellas, A., Van Marle, M.J.E.
Mapping drivers of change for biodiversity risk assessment to target conservation actions: Human frequentation in protected areas Heliyon 2024 Pla, M., Burgas, A., Carrion, G., Hermoso, V., Feliu, P., Romero, S., Casanovas, P., Sainz de la Maza, P., Arnau, P., Pinoa, J., Brotons, Ll.
Mapping pressures on biodiversity: the contribution of thematic detail to decision making Biodiversity and Conservation 2024 Pla, M., Hermoso, V., Pino, J., Brotons, Ll.
Marine protection enhances the resilience of biologicalcommunities on temperate rocky reefs Aquatic conservation - Marine and freshwater ecosystems 2024 Sanabria-Fernández, J.A., Alday, J.G.
Maximum tree height in European Mountains decreases above a climate-related elevation threshold Communications Earth & Environment 2024 Gelabert, P. J., Rodrigues, M., Coll, Ll., Vega-Garcia, C., Ameztegui, A.
Navigating Divergent Perspectives on Critical Habitat Designation: Insights from the Little Bustard (Tetrax Tetrax) Conservation in Spain Journal for Nature Conservation 2024 Miret-Minard, G., Morán-Ordóñez, A., Hermoso, V., Bota, G., Villero, D., Brotons, Ll.
Passive acoustic monitoring and automated detection of the American bullfrog Biological Invasions 2024 Bota, G., Manzano-Rubio, R., Fanlo, H., Franch, N., Brotons, LL., Villero, D., Devisscher, S., Pavesi, A., Cavaletti, E., Pérez-Granados, C.
Phylogeography, origin and population structure of the self-fertile emerging plant pathogen Phytophthora pseudosyringae Molecular Plant Pathology 2024 Mullett, M.S., Harris, A.R., Scanu, B., Van Poucke, K., LeBoldus, J., Stamm, E., Bourret, T.B., Christova, P.K., Oliva, J., et al.
Plant hydraulics at the heart of plant, crops and ecosystem functions in the face of climate change New Phytologist 2024 Torres-Ruiz, J.M., Cochard, H., Delzon, S., ..., Resco De Dios, V. et al.
Plant–soil feedbacks among boreal forest species Journal of Ecology 2024 Štraus, D., Redondo, M.A., Castaño, C., Juhanson, J., Clemmensen, K.E., Hallin, S., Oliva, J.
Positive feedbacks and alternative stable states in forest leaf types Nature Communications 2024 Zou, Y., Zohner, C.M., Averill, C., Ma, H., Merder, J., Berdugo, M., Bialic-Murphy, L., Mo, l., Brun, P., Zimmermann, N.E., Liang, J., De Miguel, S., et al.
Post-fire growth of Pinus halepensis: Shifts in the mode of competition along a precipitation gradient Forest Ecology and Management 2024 Mendez-Cartin, A.L., Coll, Ll., Valor T., Torné-Solà, G., Ameztegui, A.
Post-fire vegetation dynamics and location as main drivers of fire recurrence in Mediterranean forests Forest Ecology and Management 2024 Peris-Llopis, M., Vastaranta, M., Saarinen, N., González-Olabarria, J.R., García-Gonzalo, J., Mola-Yudego, B.
Preliminary Tests of a Hybrid Cable Splice (Synthetic–Metal) to Innovate Timber Harvesting in the Mediterranean Forestry Sector Forests 2024 Alcoverro, G., Raddi, A., Picchi, G.
Probing the interplay of biophysical constraints and photosynthesis to model tree growth Agricultural and Forest Meteorology 2024 Cabon, A., Ameztegui, A., Anderegg, W.R.L., Martínez-Vilalta, J., De Cáceres, M.
Quality Production of Sainfoin Swards Challenged by Global Change in Mountain Areas in theWestern Mediterranean Agronomy 2024 Sebastià, M.T., Banagar, F., Palero, N., Ibáñez, M., Plaixats, J.
Remote sensing-based mangrove blue carbon assessment in the Asia-Pacific: A systematic review Science of the Total Environment 2024 Dutta Roy, A., Pitumpe Arachchige, P.S., Watt, M.S., Kale, A., Davies, M., Eu Heng, J., Daneil, R. Pabodha Galgamuwa, G.A., Moussa, L.G., Timsina, K., Basil Ewane, E., Rogers, K., Hendy, I., Edwards-Jones, A., De Miguel, S., Burt, J.A., Ali, T., Sidik, F., Abdullah, M., Selvam, P.P., Mohan, M.
Reply to: Satellite artifacts modulate FireCCILT11 global burned area Nature Communications 2024 Cardil, A., Rodrigues, M., Barbero, R., Ramírez, J., Stoof, C., Silva, C.A., Mohan, M., Gelabert, P., Ortega, M., De-Miguel, S.
Slow-lived birds and bats carry higher pathogen loads One Earth 2024 Xu, Y., Laine, V.N., Meramo, K., Santangeli, A., Poosakkannu, A., Suominen, K.M., Gaultier, S., Keller, V., Brotons, Ll., Pulliainen, A.T., Lilley, T.M., Lehikoinen, A.
Solar photovoltaic energy development and biodiversityconservation: Current knowledge and research gaps Conservation Letters 2024 Gómez-Catasús, J., Morales, M.B., Giralt, D., González del Portillo, D., Manzano-Rubio, R., Solé-Bujalance, L., Sardà-Palomera, F., Traba, J., Bota, G.
Spatially-explicit effects of small-scale clear-cutting on soil fungal communities in Pinus sylvestris stands Science of the Total Environment 2024 Centenaro, G., De Miguel, S., Bonet, J.A., Martínez Peña, F., Escribano Gil De Gomez, R., Ponce, A., Dashevskaya, S., Alday, J.G.
Strengths and limitations of official sources of wildlife poisoning data: A case study in Europe Biological Conservation 2024 Fernández-García, M., López-Bao, J.V., Olea, P.P., Viñuela, J., Sotelo, L., Cortizo, C., Sazatornil, V., Planella Bosch, A., Luna Aguilera, S.J., Rivas, O., Lema, F.J., Del Rey, M.G., Mínguez, E., Martínez-Delgado, A., Mateo-Tomás, P.
Sub-daily live fuel moisture content estimation from Himawari-8 data Remote Sensing of Environment 2024 Quan, X., Chen, R., Yebra, M., Riaño, D., Resco de Dios, V., Li, X., He, B., Nolan, R.H., Griebel, A., Boer, M.M., Sun, Y.
The ADnet Bayesian belief network for alder decline: Integrating empirical data and expert knowledge Science of the Total Environment 2024 Gomes Marques, I., Vieites-Blanco, C., Rodríguez-González, P.M., Segurado, P., Marques, M., Barrento, M.J., Fernandes, M.R., Cupertino, A., Almeida, H., Biurrun, I., Corcobado, T., Costa e Silva, F., Díez, J.J., Dufour, S., Faria, C., Ferreira, M.T., Ferreira, V., Jansson, R., Machado, H., Marçais, B., Moreira, A.C., Oliva, J., et al.
The status of forest carbon markets in Latin America Journal of Environmental Management 2024 Blanton, A., Mohan, M., Pabodha Galgamuwa, G.A., ..., De Miguel, S., Cardil, A., et al.
Time‐dependent regulation of respiration is widespreadacross plant evolution Plant, Cell & Environment 2024 Qin, H., Sun, M., Guo, W., He, Y., Yao, Y., Resco de Dios,V.
Tolerance between wolves and golden jackals in India Ecology 2024 Sazatornil, V., Godbole, M., Panchamia, N., Awadhani, G.R., Awadhani, N., López-Bao, J.V.
Use of linear features by mammal predators and prey in managed boreal forests Forest Ecology and Management 2024 Benoit-Pépin, A., Feldman, M.J., Imbeau, L., Valeria, O.
Using Camera Traps to estimate Habitat Preferences and Occupancy Patterns of Vertebrates in Boreal Wetlands Wetlands 2024 Feldman, M.J., Mazerolle, M.J., Imbeau, L., Fenton, N.J.
VPD-based models of dead fine fuel moisture provide best estimates in a global dataset Agricultural and Forest Meteorology 2024 Rodrigues, M., Resco de Dios, V., Sil, a., Cunill Camprubí, A., Fernandes, P.M.
Why and when do freshwater fish migrate? Observations of migration patterns of the native fishes from the Iberian Peninsula (SW Europe) Limnetica 2024 Ordeix, M., Casals, F.
100 key questions to guide hydropeaking research and policy Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews 2023 Hayes, D.S., Bruno, M.C., Alp, M., Boavida, I., Batalla, R.J., Bejarano, M.D., Noack, M., Vanzo, D., Casas-Mulet, R., Vericat, D., Carolli, M., Tonolla, D., Halleraker, J.H. , Gosselin, M.-P., Chiogna, G., Zolezzi, G., Venus, T.E.
A comment on “International principles and standards for the ecological restoration and recovery of mine sites”—useful but limited Restoration Ecology 2023 Řehounková, K., Ballesteros, M., Alday, J.G., Nunes, A., Tischew, S., Kirmer, A., Prach, K.
A fire spread simulator to support tactical management decisions for Mediterranean landscapes Frontiers in Forests and Global Change 2023 González-Olabarria, J.R., Carrasco, J., Pais, C., Garcia-Gonzalo, J., Palacios-Meneses, D., Mahaluf-Recasens, R., Porkhum, O., Weintraub, A.
A first assessment of BirdNET performance at varying distances: a playback experiment Ardeola 2023 Pérez-Granados, C.
A framework for considering justice aspects in integrated wildfire risk management Nature Climate Change 2023 Schinko, T., Berchtold, C., Handmer, J., Deubelli-Hwang, T., Preinfalk, E., Linnerooth-Bayer, J., Scolobig, A., Serra, M., Plana, E.
A global analysis of avian island diversity–area relationships in the Anthropocene Ecology Letters 2023 Matthews, T.J., Wayman, J.P., Whittaker, R.J.,..., Brotons, Ll., et al.
A multi-proxy framework to detect insect defoliations in tree rings: a case study on pine processionary Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution 2023 Camarero, J. J., Colangelo, M., Rita, A., Hevia, A., Pizarro, M., Voltas, J.
A multi-taxa assessment of aquatic non-indigenous species introduced into Iberian freshwater and transitional waters NeoBiota 2023 Zamora-Marín, J.M., Ruiz-Navarro, A., Oficialdegui, F.J., ..., Casals, F., Hermoso, V., et al.
A synthesis of multi-taxa management experiments to guide forest biodiversity conservation in Europe Global Ecology and Conservation 2023 Tinya, F., Doerfler, I., De Groot, M., ..., Camprodon, J., Piqué, M., et al.
A trait-based approach to both forestry and timber building can synchronize forest harvest and resilience PNAS Nexus 2023 Osborne, P., Aquilué, N., Mina, M., Moee, K., Jemtrud, M., Messier, C.
Accounting for trait variability and coordination in predictions of drought-induced range shifts in woody plants New Phytologist 2023 Martínez-Vilalta, J., García-Valdés, R., Jump, A., Vilà-Cabrera, A., Mencuccini, M.
Addressing the challenge of photovoltaic growth: Integrating multiple objectives towards sustainable green energy development Land Use Policy 2023 Hermoso, V., Bota, G., Brotons, Ll., Morán-Ordóñez, A.
Age ratio, crippling losses and factors affecting daily hunting bags of European Turtle-dove in Spain: Implications for sustainable harvest management of a declining migratory species Science of the Total Environment 2023 Moreno-Zarate, L., Arroyo, B., Sardà-Palomera, F., Rocha, G., Bota, G., Peach, W.J.
Angler’s preferences, perceptions and practices regarding non‑native freshwater fish Reviews in Fish Biology and Fisheries 2023 Banha, F., Gago, J., Margalejo, D., Feijão, J., Casals, F., Anastácio, P.M., Ribeiro, F.
Are agroforestry systems more productive than monocultures in Mediterranean countries? A meta‑analysis Agronomy for Sustainable Development 2023 Scordia, D., Corinzia, S.A., Coello, J., et al.
Artificial intelligence-driven disruption in science production ahead Silva Fennica 2023 De Miguel, S.
Assessing consumers' preferences for beef and lamb meat linked to wildfire prevention services Meat Science 2023 Lecegui, A., Olaizola, A.M., Varela, E.
Assessing Relativeness in the Provision of Urban Ecosystem Services: Better Comparison Methods for Improved Well-Being Land 2023 Krsnik, G., Reyes-Paecke, S., Reynolds, K.M., Garcia-Gonzalo, J., González Olabarria, J.R.
Automatic recorders monitor wolves at rendezvous sites: do wolves adjust howling to live near humans? Biodiversity and Conservation 2023 Palacios, V., Martí-Domken, B., Barber-Meyer, S.M., Habib, B., López-Bao, J.V., Smith, D.W., Stahler, D.R., Sazatornil, V., García, E.M., Mech, L.D.
Bed-material entrainment in a mountain river affected by hydropeaking Science of the Total Environment 2023 López, R., Ville,F., Garcia, C., Batalla, R.J., Vericat, D.
BirdNET: applications, performance, pitfalls and future opportunities Ibis 2023 Pérez-Granados, C.
Burn severity and land-use legacy influence bird abundance in the Atlantic-Mediterranean biogeographic transition Environmental Research 2023 García-Redondo, C., Fernández-Moure, P., Cánibe, M., Tapia, L., Gil-Carrera, A., Lombao, A., Díaz-Raviña, M., Regos, A.
Characterizing the rate of spread of large wildfires in emerging fire environments of northwestern Europe using Visible Infrared Imaging Radiometer Suite active fire data Natural Hazards and Earth System Sciences 2023 Cardil, A., Tapia, V.M., Monedero, S., Quiñones, T., Little, K., Stoof, C.R., Ramirez, J., De Miguel, S.
Clash or concert in European forests? Integration and coherence of forest ecosystem service–related national policies Land Use Policy 2023 Lindahl, K.B., Söderberg, C., Lukina, N., Tebenkova, D., Pecurul, M., Pülzl, H., Sotirov, M., Widmark, C.
Climate teleconnections modulate global burned area Nature Communications 2023 Cardil, A., Rodrigues, M., Tapia, M., Barbero, R., Ramírez, J., Stoof, C.R., Silva, C.A., Mohan, M., De-Miguel, S.
Climate-Change-Driven Droughts and Tree Mortality: Assessing the Potential of UAV-Derived Early Warning Metrics Remote Sensing 2023 Basil, E., Mohan, M., Bajaj, S., ..., De Miguel, S., et al.
Close-to-nature management effects on tree growth and soil moisture in Mediterranean mixed forests Forest Ecology and Management 2023 Collado, E., Piqué, M., Coello, J., de-Dios-García, J., Fuentes, C., Coll, Ll.
Cognitive social capital and local forest governance: community ethnomycology grounding a mushroom picking permit design Forest Systems 2023 Górriz-Mifsud, E., Secco, L., Da Re, R., Pisani, E., Bonet, J.A.
Composition and structure of Mediterranean shrublands for fuel characterization Annals of Forest Science 2023 Casals, P., Gabriel, E., De Cáceres, M., Ríos, AI., Castro, X.
Conflict and conservation: On the role of protected areas for environmental justice Global Environmental Change 2023 Bontempi, A., Venturi, P., Del Bene, D., Scheidel, A., Zaldo-Aubanell, Q., Maneja Zaragoza, R.
Contrasting stem water uptake and storage dynamics of water-saver and water-spender species during drought and recovery Tree Physiology 2023 Martín-Gómez, P., Rodríguez-Robles, U., Ogée, J., Wingate, L., Sancho-Knapik, D., Peguero-Pina, J., Dos Santos Silva, J.V., Gil-Pelegrín, E., Pemán, J., Ferrio, J.P.
Cork harvest planning and climate: High air humidity favors availability of airborne inoculum of Diplodia corticola Forest Ecology and Management 2023 Muñoz-Adalia, E.J., Uppara, A.B., Albó, D., Meijer, A., Colinas, C.
Corrigendum to A horizon scan exercise for aquatic invasive alien species in Iberian inland waters Science of the Total Environment 2023 Oficialdegui, F. J., Zamora-Marín, J.M., Guareschi, S.,..., Casals, F., et al.
Crop cultivation in the Talayotic settlement of Son Fornés (Mallorca, Spain): agricultural practices on the western Mediterranean islands in the first millennium bce Vegetation History and Archaeobotany 2023 Stika, H.P., Neugebauer, A., Rihuete-Herrada, C., Risch, R., Micó, R., Voltas, J., Amengual, P., Gelabert, L., Lull, V.
Delineating vulnerability to drought using a process-based growth model in Pyrenean silver fir forests Forest Ecology and Management 2023 Valeriano, C., Tumajer, J.., Gazol, A., González de Andrés, E., Sánchez-Salguero, R., Colangelo M., Linares, J.C., Valor, T., Sangüesa-Barreda, G., Camarero J.J.
Dialysis and column chromatography for biomass pyrolysis liquids separation Waste Management 2023 Mora, M., Fàbregas, E., Céspedes, F., Rovira, P., Puy, N.
Diet and Spatial Ecology Influence Red-Legged Partridge Exposure to Pesticides Used as Seed Treatment Environmental Science & Technology 2023 Fernández-Vizcaíno, E., Mougeot, F., Cabodevilla, X., Fernández-Tizón, M., Mateo, R., Madeira, M.J., Ortiz-Santaliestra, M.E.
Different sex combinations of Populus cathayana affect soil respiration and tea litter decomposition by influencing plant growth and soil functional microbial diversity Plant and Soil 2023 Zveushe, O.K., Sajid, S., Dong, F., Han, Y., Zeng, F., Geng, Y., Shen, S., Xiang, Y., Kang, Q., Zhang, Y., Huang, M., Nabi,F., Resco de Dios, V.
Disentangling leaf structural and material properties in relationship to their anatomical and chemical compositional traits in oaks (Quercus L.) Annals of Botany 2023 Alonso-Forn, D., Sancho-Knapik, d., Fariñas, M.D., Nadal, M., Martín-Sánchez, R., Ferrio, J.P., Resco de Dios, V., Peguero-Pina, J.J., Onoda, Y., Cavender-Bares, J., Gómez Álvarez Arenas, T., Gil-Pelegrín, E.
Disentangling the effects of management, field characteristics of fallows, and surrounding landscape to promote steppe bird conservation Agriculture, Ecosystems & Environment 2023 Revilla-Martín, N., Giralt, D., Sanz-Pérez, A., Bota, G., Sardà-Palomera, F.
Distribution of Phytophthora species within recreational chestnut, beech and cork oak forests Forest Ecology and Management 2023 Straus, D., Caballol, M., Serradó, F., Oliveras, J., Ramis, X., Oliva, J.
Drivers and implications of the extreme 2022 wildfire season in Southwest Europe Science of the Total Environment 2023 Rodrigues, M., Cunill Camprubí, A., Balaguer-Romano, R., Coco Megía, C.J., Castañares, F., Ruffault, J., Fernandes, P.M., Resco de Dios, V.
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