Staff / Landscape dynamics and biodiversity
Giralt Jonama, David
Conservation Biology Group
973 48 1752 (289)

PhD in Biological Sciences by the University of Barcelona. 

He works at the Animal Conservation Lab since 2000 combining transference and research. The goal of his work is to generate and transfer to the society new knowledge for decision-making on biodiversity conservation and its interactions with human activity such as agriculture and hunting. More specifically, his research is focused on understanding the response of birds to farming through different studies on landscape ecology, crop management, habitat selection, demography and species population viability analysis. Another main goal of his work is based on the knowledge transfer of conservation biology criteria to stakeholders, helping them to better apply and implement nature conservation based on research evidence. He has long experience in the study of farmland landscapes for the conservation of birds, including the evaluation of conservation action effectiveness (e.g. agri-environmental measures), the drafting of recovery plans or the identification of high nature value areas. As a result of these studies and several national and international projects he has published several scientific works and articles in the field of conservation, ecology and ornithology.

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