Staff / Landscape dynamics and biodiversity
Krsnik, Goran
Precision Forestry (PrecFOR) -New tools for forestry decision making.
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PhD in Forests and Environmental Management, University of Lleida (2023)

Master’s degree in Geographical Information Technologies in Spatial Management, University of Zaragoza (2015)

Bachelor’s degree in Geography, University of Zagreb (2013)


I am a geographer holding a PhD degree in Environmental Management, specialised in geographical information technologies. I work in the research of the complexity of geographical processes and models, multi-objective spatial management, decision-making, and digital spatial analyses. My research focuses on the assessment of forest ecosystem services and urban green infrastructure for improving human well-being, highlighting the importance of the connection between social and natural environments, as well as the application of geospatial analyses in forest fire management. Furthermore, my work involves evaluating social and ecological resilience of forests under climate change, with the aim of informing adaptive management and policy decisions.

My research experience began with the application of remote sensing and geographical information systems in assessing the urban heat island phenomenon and the importance of urban green infrastructure in mitigating it. Later, while participating in the PREVINCAT project, I began applying digital spatial analysis to enhance forest fire management strategies in Catalonia. During my PhD, my research focused on assessing forest ecosystem services and urban green areas. I used multi-criteria spatial planning and geographical information technologies to evaluate the forest use suitability and to support sustainable management in geographical spaces. During my research stays as part of the Suforun Marie Curie RISE project, I specialized in decision-making-oriented multi-criteria geospatial modelling, urban forestry, and forest management while collaborating with institutions such as the US Forest Service, Catholic University of Chile, and the University of Eastern Finland. Currently, I am involved in the PREVINCAT and Eco2Adapt projects, and actively working on innovative approaches related to the assessment of forest ecosystem services and urban green infrastructure.