Staff / General Direction
Pukkala, Timo
Forest management planning and economics

Doctorate in forest sciences at the University of Joensuu, Finland (1988)

Acting Prof. in silviculture at the University of Joensuu (1990-1991)

Professor of forest planning at the University of Joensuu (1992-2007) and at the University of Eastern Finland (2009-2022).

Member of the editorial board: Forest Ecology and Management (1996-2006), Managing Forest Ecosystems (2000 - present), Journal of Forestry Research (2009 - present), Forest Ecosystems (2000 - present).

Dr Timo Pukkala research lines focus on forest management and natural resource planning, including simulation and optimization, growth and yield models, carbon budgeting, spatial analysis and multifunctional forest management. Along his scientific career, he has published 300+ international peer-reviewed papers, 100+ articles in technical journals and conferences, and has contributed in 13 books as editor. He has also been part of several national and international projects, both in research and consultancy, working together with researchers in Europe, Asia, Africa and the Americas. His research and pedagogic work includes various courses in forest modelling and planning, as well as the supervision of 30+ doctoral dissertations and several MSc and Bsc theses.

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