Personal /Dinàmica del paisatge i biodiversitat
Villero Pi, Daniel
Biodiversitat i ecologia del paisatge
973 48 1752 (288)

Since 2007 I'm doing my research at the Biodiversity and Landscape Ecology Lab (CTFC), led by Dr. Lluís Brotons. I'm also an associate researcher of the Catalan Ornithological Institute and the Spanish Herpetological Society. 

Academic Background

2016 PhD Biodiversity Barcelona University

2004 MSc Zoology Barcelona University

2000 MSc Environmental engineering Ramon Llull University

1998 BS Biology Autonomous University of Barcelona

Professionsl Background

2007-present Researcher CTFC

2000-2007 Conservation biologist MINUARTIA SL & free-lance

1999-2000 Research assistant Autonomous University of Barcelona

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