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Cano Crespo, Ana
973 48 1752 (268)

Environmental Scientist (University of Salamanca)

Postgraduate in Geographic Information Systems (ITC, The Netherlands)

PhD in Physical Geography (Humboldt University of Berlin).


Her research interests are around the implications of anthropogenic land-use changes and climate change on soil water resources, the spatio-temporal distribution of (forest) fires, and the evolving characteristics of fire regimes.

She has developed most of her research and project management experience at the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (Germany). She currently works as a project manager with focus on the Horizon Europe programme.


  • Cano-Crespo A, Traxl D, Prat-Ortega G, Rolinski S, Thonicke K (2022) Characterization of land cover-specific fire regimes in the Brazilian Amazon, Reg Environ Change 23,19,
  • Boit A, Sakschewski B, Boysen L, Cano-Crespo A, Clement J et al. (2019) Using Dynamic Global Vegetation Models (DGVMs) for projecting ecosystem services at regional scales: Drivers, risks, and societal responses. In Schröter M, Bonn A, Klotz S, Seppelt R, Baessler C (Ed), Atlas of Ecosystem Services, 57-61, Springer, Cham,
  • Boit A, Sakschewski B, Boysen L, Cano-Crespo A, Clement J et al. (2016) Large-scale impact of climate change versus land-use change on future biome shifts in Latin America, Glob Chang Biol 22 (11), 3689-3701,
  • Cano-Crespo A, Oliveira PJC, Boit A, Cardoso M, Thonicke K (2015) Forest edge burning in the Brazilian Amazon promoted by escaping fires from managed pastures, J Geophysical Res: Biogeosci 120, 2095-2107,
  • Cano-Crespo A, Oliveira PJC, Cardoso M, Thonicke K (2014) Tropical forest degradation in the Brazilian Amazon: Relation to fire and land-use change. In Viegas D (Ed), Advances in Forest Fire Research, 1582-1591, Coimbra University Press,
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