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Zaldo Aubanell, Quim
Precision Forestry (PrecFOR)- Noves eines per a la presa de decisions forestals.
973 48 1752

Postdoctoral researcher with a strong background in plant-soil ecology, ecosystem modeling, and the study of ecosystem functions across different scales.

His work is crucial in improving our understanding of the complex relationships within ecosystems, including the significant human-environment connection, to support climate change mitigation and adaptation efforts. Zaldo Aubanell's expertise covers soil microscopy, statistical modeling, remote sensing, and big data analysis. These skills enable him to tackle global challenges in earth and rhizosphere ecosystems with innovative approaches.

He is part of the MINECO Research group “Statistical Modeling of Extreme Events and Health Risks”, collaborating with the Barcelona Supercomputing Center, the University of Barcelona, the Autonomous University of Barcelona, and the Centre de Recerca Matemàtica, with a clear commitment to developing new methodologies through a complex systems approach. Zaldo Aubanell has coordinated two European Horizon projects focused on ecosystem restoration and regenerative agriculture, NutriBudget and Delisoil, and has led over ten private projects for technological and scientific transfer.

Beyond his research, Zaldo Aubanell is committed to societal improvement through extensive knowledge dissemination. He collaborates with various public and private institutions, including Escola Agrària de Manresa, Escola Forestal de Santa Coloma de Farners, Jardins Marimurtra, and Gremi de la Fusta i el Moble de Catalunya, engaging in teaching, training, workshops, seminars, and public engagements. His leadership in environmental education initiatives and the mentorship of young researchers underscores his dedication to fostering a sustainable future and nurturing the next generation of scientists.


- Zaldo-Aubanell Q., & Bach A. (in press). Global environmental change: an increasing threat to human health. In Oliva M., Martín-Díaz J., Barriocanal C., López-Moreno J.I., Bonsoms J. (eds.). Global change: the eco-social crisis and future perspectives (Chapter 3.6). Springer Nature, Edicions de la Universitat de Barcelona.

- Hohmann P., Walser JC., Zaldo-Aubanell Q., Wille L, Bodenhausen B (in press). Assessment of the root microbiome via amplicon sequencing: from root sampling to bioinformatics. Methods in Molecular Biology.



Zaldo-Aubanell Q., Mas-Ponce A., Asbert G., Clota B., Isnard M., Proia L., Bach A., Sànchez Mateo S. (submitted). Bridging public perception and ecological progress: Unveiling sociodemographic nuances and restoration realities - A Congost River case study. Heliyon.

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Zaldo-Aubanell Q., Serra I., Sardanyés J., Alsedà Ll., Maneja R. (2021). Reviewing the reliability of Land Use and Land Cover data in studies relating human health to the environment. Environmental Research 194:110578.

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