Personal /Bioeconomia, salut i governança
Sebastià Álvarez, M. Teresa
Biodiversitat, ecologia funcional i canvi global
973 48 1752

Professor of Botany at the University of Lleida (UdL) and Researcher at the CTFC.

She is coordinator of the research group GAMES on Multi-scalar analysis and management of biodiversity and environmental services in forest and agricultural systems under climate change (UdL-CTFC). She did her Master thesis on beech forests and her PhD thesis on grasslands of the Pyrenees. She started her studies on climate change with Prof. Bazzazz at Harvard University (USA) in 1994. She was visiting professor at Harvard University (USA), the University College Dublin (Ireland), and invited researcher at the Helmholtz Forschungszentrum Jülich and the Helmholtz-Zentrum Potsdam Deutsches GeoForschungsZentrum (Germany). She has experience in grasslands, croplands and forests in three continents, Europe, Africa and the Americas, where she also worked with the Smithsonian Institution. Her main interests currently include the analysis of how biodiversity interactions within and across taxonomic levels (plants, soil microorganisms, invertebrates, livestock) feedback on the biogeochemical system and generate ecosystem services under global change conditions, particularly greenhouse gas mitigation, carbon and nutrient stocks, and quality production. She has coordinated numerous national and international projects on climate, land use and management change effects on biodiversity, carbon and nitrogen dynamics. She has served in various national and international committees. She has more than 100 scientific publications.

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