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Rethinking the role of Civil Society Organisations to increase good forest governance practices in Iran
Civil society organizations (CSOs) play a crucial role in shaping and strengthening democratic societies. They give voice to marginalized communities, promote inclusivity and equity, and contribute to the overall wellbeing and development of societies. In Iran Civil society organizations play a significant role, despite operating under restrictions imposed by the government. In terms of forest governance, CSOs contribute to various aspects of forest management, conservation, and sustainable development through their activities, advocacy, and participation. However, they face several challenges that hinder them to develop their activities properly, such as restrictive legal frameworks, inadequate funding and resources, limited collaboration and coordination among CSOs, government agencies, and other stakeholders, political pressure or resistance from powerful interest groups, and a lack of awareness about the importance of forests in the society.
Pecurul, M. Rovira, M., Mirghasemi, A., Taheri, L., Naghavi, Z.
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