Staff / Bioeconomía, salud y gobernanza
Erdozain, Maitane
Investigación en ecosistemas forestales globales
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Biologist specialized in stream and forest ecology with years of experience studying the impact of forest disturbance on biodiversity and the provision of ecosystem services. 



2017: PhD in Biology (University of New Brunswick, Canada) 

2012: Master´s degree in Sustainable Water Management (Kristianstad University, Sweden) 

2012: Bachelor´s degree in Biology (University of the Basque Country) 



During her master´s thesis in Sweden, she investigated how to reduce the delivery of sediments to streams due to forest management by properly planning and designing riparian buffer zones. Her PhD position in Canada was part of the Canadian Network for Aquatic Ecosystem Services, a nationwide and transdisciplinary initiative to understand the effects of human activities on the provision of aquatic ecosystem services. Specifically, she assessed how intensive forest management affected headwater ecosystem integrity by using a multi-indicator approach. During her postdoc at the Canadian Rivers Institute, she addressed the main question arising from her PhD: do the effects observed in small headwater streams accumulate or dissipate downstream? Additionally, she broadened her scientific training by collaborating on multiple transdisciplinary studies, such as the Boreal 2050 project. In this project, plausible futures for the boreal forest based on the drivers of change were analyzed to inform both near and long term policy thinking. Currently, her research in CTFC aims to gather and synthesize practical experiences from forest restoration and adaptation projects across Europe to serve as a learning opportunity for future initiatives (as part of the SUPERB project).