Personnel / Bioéconomie, santé et gouvernance
Fischer, Christine Rose
973 70 23 02

Christine R. Fischer holds a MS in Forest Science from Oregon State Univ., USA, and is a specialist in mycorrhizal fungi.

She has worked at the CTFC for 20 years in research projects focusing on the ecologic and economic values of fungi in forest ecosystems.  She is responsible for the Seedling Evaluation Service offered through the Agricultural Extension Program at CTFC to ensure quality control of commercial seedlings planted for Black Truffle cultivation. With the growing global interest in Black Truffle cultivation in the past five years, she has co-ordinated 2 international programs for technology transfer that involve exchanges through workshops and technical visits with Black Truffle growers from Australia and Turkey. She teaches specialized courses on microscopic and molecular techniques for the study of ectomycorrhizal fungi and has participated in numerous national and international projects and meetings, publishing more than 40 scientific and educational articles.

Fischer and Colinas (1996). Method for the Evaluation of Plant Quality and Mycorrhizal Status of Quercus ilex Seedlings Inoculated with Tuber melanosporum, Revision Jan., 2014.

Liu, B., Fischer, CR., Bonet, JA., Castaño, C., & Colinas, C. (2016). Shifts in soil fungal communities in Tuber melanosporum plantations over a 20-year transition from agriculture fields to oak woodlands. Forest Systems.

Fischer, CR; Oliach, D.; Bonet, JA.; & Colinas, C. Best Practices for Cultivation of Truffles.  Handbook. (2017). Edited by CTFC and YaSama Dair Vakif for TRUMAP.