Staff / Landscape dynamics and biodiversity
Poch Claret, Rosa M


Ph. D. in Soil Science (1992) ITC Post Graduate Soil Scientists, Universiteit Gent, Belgium.
MSc Soil Science, Soil Physics and Chemistry (1989) ITC Post Graduate Soil Scientists, Universiteit Gent, Belgium. Agricultural Engineer (1987) ETSEA, U Politècnica de Catalunya
Technical Agricultural Engineer (1983) EUETAB, U Politècnica de Catalunya.


Catedràtica d'Universitat, (Full Professor), Soil Science and Agricultural Chemistry, U. de Lleida. 2011 - present
Professora Titular d'Universitat, (Assistant Professor) Soil Science and Agricultural Chemistry, Lleida. 1998 -2011
Professora Titular d'Escola Universitària, Soil Science and Agricultural Chemistry, U.Politècnica de Catalunya. 1992 -98

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