Personal /Gestió forestal multifuncional
Sánchez Pinillos, Martina
973 48 1752 (277)

Currently PhD in Forest and Environmental Management, CTFC-University of Lleida

2014 MSc in Advanced Forest Research Technical University of Madrid (Spain)

2013 BSc/MSc in Forest Engineering, Technical University of Madrid (Spain)

She develops her PhD (predoctoral contract funded by MINECO) at the CTFC under supervision of Lluís Coll and Aitor Ameztegui. Her research focuses on the analysis of forest resistance and resilience to natural disturbances by means of the assessment of stands composition and structure. Specifically, her PhD includes the computation of a response-type diversity index, the assessment and quantification of resistance and resilience by means of changes in stand characteristics over time, and the study of plant-plant interactions after disturbances.
Moreover, she benefited from a three-month exchange grant at the Centre for Forest Research (CEF - UQAM, Canada) provided by the Marie Curie IRSES project NEWFORESTS (January to April 2016), and from a short-term scientific exchange grant at the INIBIOMA - CONICET (Argentina) provided by the Spanish Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness (March to May 2017).

Professional experience

2014 -present PhD Fellow at the CTFC

2010 - 2012 Research Assistant at the Department of Economy and Forest Management (Technical University of Madrid)

2011 Forest Technician (internship) at Grupo TRAGSA

2009 Research Assistant at the Department of Silvopasture (Technical University of Madrid)

Sánchez-Pinillos M., Coll L., De Cáceres M., Ameztegui A. (2016). Assessing the persistence capacity of communities facing natural disturbances on the basis of species response traits. Ecological Indicators 66: 76-85

Sánchez-Pinillos M. (2014). Assessing forest response-type diversity to natural disturbances in peninsular Spain and the Balearic Islands. MSc. Thesis. Universidad Politécnica de Madrid.

Sánchez-Pinillos M. (2013). Efectos de la composición del paisaje en la riqueza de mamíferos forestales en la provincia de Barcelona. MSc. Thesis. Universidad Politécnica de Madrid.