Personal /Bioeconomia, salut i governança
Melnykovych, Mariana
Socioeconomia i governança de sistemes rurals

PhD in Economics of natural resource use and environmental protection (focus on forestry)

ESKAS ETH/WSL PostDoc on sustainability in forestry (Swiss Government Excellence Scholarship), 2019-2021

PhD in Economics of natural resource use and environmental protection (focus on forestry) from UNFU (UA)& the James Hutton Institute (UK), 2019

MSc in Environment and Natural Resources Economics, National Forestry University UNFU (Diploma with distinction), 2008

BSc in Management, National Forestry University UNFU (Diploma with distinction), 2006


Researcher, International Forest Policy & Climate Change, School of Agricultural, Forestry & Food Sciences, Bern University of Applied Sciences (Sept, 2021 – present)

Consultant UN ECE /FAO Forestry and Timber Section, Geneva (August, 2021 –December, 2021)

ESKAS PostDoc at ETH/WSL and Guest Scientist at the Swiss Federal Institute for Forest, Snow & Landscape Research WSL (Sept, 2019 – September 2021)

Researcher & Consultant for European Forest Institute H2020 SIMRA project ‘Social innovation in agriculture, forestry & rural development in marginalised rural areas across Europe & Mediterranean region ’ Visiting researcher at the Economics and Social Sciences research unit of WSL (October, 2018- March, 2020)

Full list includes more than 80 publications: peer-reviewed journal articles, books and chapters, conference proceedings, and project reports

Brnkalakova, S., Melnykovych, M., Nijnik, M., Barlagne, C., Pavelka, M., Udovc, A., ... Kluvankova, T. (2022). Collective forestry regimes to enhance transition to climate smart forestry. Environmental Policy and Governance (accepted)

Sarkki, S., Jokinen, M., Heikkinen, H.I., Nijnik, M., Melnykovych, M., Kluvankova., T. (2022). “Going out to get in” – roles of conflicts in bottom-linked environmental governance progressing towards socio-political innovations. Environmental Policy and Governance (accepted)

Špaček, M., Melnykovych, M., Kozová, M., Pauditšová, E., Kluvánková, T. (2022). The role of knowledge in supporting the revitalisation of traditional landscape governance through social innovation in Slovakia. Environmental Policy and Governance (accepted)

Barlagne, C.; Melnykovych, M.; Miller, D.; Hewitt, R.J.; Secco, L.; Pisani, E.; Nijnik, M. What Are the Impacts of Social Innovation? A Synthetic Review and Case Study of Community Forestry in the Scottish Highlands. Sustainability 2021, 13, 4359.

Melnykovych, M., Nijnik M, Soloviy I, Nijnik A, Sarkki S, Bihun Y. 2018. Social-ecological innovation in remote mountain areas: Adaptive responses of forest-dependent communities to the challenges of a changing world. Science of the Total Environment (IF = 4.9)

Nijnik, M.; Kluvánková, T.; Melnykovych, M.; Nijnik, A.; Kopiy,S.; Brnkal’áková, S.; Sarkki, S.; Kopiy,L.; Fizyk, I.; Barlagne, C.; et al. An Institutional Analysis and Reconfiguration Framework for Sustainability Research on Post-Transition Forestry —A Focus on Ukraine. Sustainability 2021, 13, 4360.

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